Jeppe rowing is safe in Cameron’s hands

Cameron Correia de Araujo is Jeppe’s rowing captain for 2019/20 and he is excited about the club’s prospects for the year ahead.

“We will miss the matrics that are leaving,” he said, “but we have a solid group of seniors and some promising junior coming through. We met next year’s grade 8s at our camp during the holidays and I am excited about them. There is a lot of talent and they all seem super keen to come to Jeppe next year.”

Cameron is part of that “solid” group of seniors. He was in the winning 1st quad at the first regatta of the season last weekend and in the pair that came second.

Cameron is a boarder in Sable house and he was originally attracted to Jeppe by the prospect of playing cricket for the school. “At first, I tried to do both, but I soon realised that rowing takes so much time that there not much left over to other things,” he said.

Now, he has found, all of his time goes to rowing. “We train before school three times a week, and after school every afternoon. Then there are regattas on Saturdays, which sometimes run into Sundays too.”
So, during competition time, it’s pretty much a seven days a week activity. “I don’t mind,” he said. “Rowing is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. The rowers have become like my family and I enjoy spending so much time with them.”

Cameron does, however, find time to play hockey too. He was in the second team this year and is hoping to make the firsts next season.

Jeppe rowing is clearly in good hands, we look forward to keeping an eye on them as the season progresses.