Jeppe rules at Maths Litearcy

 92% – Robert Doubell


Jeppe High School for Boys came first in the 2018 national Maths Literacy Olympiad, with their Robert Doubell scoring 92% and finishing 3rd in the country. The marks of the top 10 candidates from each school were averaged and Jeppe got 86,2%, 5 % more than second-placed Midstream College.

Ms Alison Jones, the school’s head of Maths Literacy, explained that they entered all their top students and they had to write an exam, at the school, on the same day that all the other schools around the country who had entered, wrote. “There were 15 Jeppe boys who entered and, of them, six received gold certificates for getting more than 80%” she said.

“We were happy with their performance and thrilled to come 1st in the country.”

Robert Doubell reckons the exam was not all that difficult. “I like to puzzle out practical problems, which is what Maths Literacy is all about, that’s why I enjoy it,” he said.

Robert switched over from Core Maths to Maths Literacy in the third term of last year, and his is not sorry about the decision. “I wasn’t doing that well at Core, and now I’m line for an A in Lit. I want to study law next year, so I don’t really need Core Maths. It’s more important for me to do well in all my subjects so that I can be accepted.”

While he knows that some people look down on Maths Literacy, he doesn’t let that bother him. “Core Maths is a good benchmark, but you have to ask what its use is. In Maths Literacy we apply what we are learning to every-day life situations. I think that’s far more useful.”

The Top 10 Schools in the Maths Literacy Olympiad were:

1 Jeppe High School for Boys 86,2%

2 Midstream College 81,2%

3 Hoërskool Garsfontein 78,6%

4 Hoërskool Oudtshoorn 78,4%

5 La Rochelle Girls’ High 76,6%

6 Hoërskool De Villiers Graaf 76%

7 The Wykeham Collegiate 76%

8 Hoërskool Zwartkop 75,8%

9 Parel Vallei High School 75,8%

10 Northlands Girls’ High 73,4%