Jeppe science boffins shine

Devon Macy and David Williams

Grade eights David Williams and Devon Lacy have made us proud by going through to the higher stage of the grade 8 Science Olympiad.

The two, under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs Jane Wasonga, competed in the competition last term. Devon made it though to the district level, while David progressed all the way to the Gauteng provincial final stage.

The competition begins with an inter-cluster competition, with the top three advancing to the inter-circuit stage, the top three there go to the district level and then on to the provincial level.

David has not received his results for the Gauteng competition, although he knows he didn’t finish in the top three.

The two both say they love science. “It’s the basis of everything,” said Devon. “The Olympiad competition is great because it stretches you. The questions come from beyond the syllabus and you do stuff that only comes later on,” said David. “Mostly it’s application. They want to see if you can use what you have learnt to solve other problems.”
Mrs Wasonga has been teaching at the school for 14 years now and she thinks these competitions are very valuable. “I enter my boys into the Olympiad and the Science Quiz every year and they always do well,” she said.

“Three boys – Gianni Roman, Dylan Steenberg and Damien Harmer-Coxen did very well in the grade 8 quiz this year.”Ms Wasonga is also the Johannesburg convener of the Eskom Science Expo. “I’ve been involved in the Science Expo for many years and Jeppe always enters. We didn’t have a project that went through this year, but we have had in the past.”

Mrs Jane Wasonga