Jeppe vs KES – all the numbers

The 25-7 scoreline in last Saturday’s Jeppe 1st team rugby win was interesting as the 18-point winning margin was exactly the same as King Edward’s 49-31 win in the first of the two encounters back in May.

Jeppe’s win made it 1-each over the two legs of the fixture, and it was the 5th time that the honours have been split in the seven times that this has been a double header. In 1942 KES won both games and in 2018 Jeppe took the double.

KES are still well ahead as far as 1st team results are concerned. They have won 59 of the 92 games played and Jeppe 27, with six draws.

As far as the results across the day were concerned KES had the upper hand, winning 17 of the 21 rugby fixtures, with Jeppe taking four. What was pleasing was the way in which many of the Jeppe teams managed to reduce the losing margins. In several cases, deficits of 20 points or more were reduced to single figures.

Jeppe had the upper hand in the hockey fixture. We won six of the 15 games on the day and lost five. There were four draws. The 6-0 victory by the first team was the biggest victory margin ever between the two schools and Jeppe leads the overall results by 23 wins to 16, with 19 draws.

Information courtesy of the Jeppe Boys Association statistician Kevin Robins