Jeppe’s drama boys leave the stage on a high note

Jeppe’s dramatic society has been participating in the Gauteng Regional Amateurs Dramatic Series (GRADS) festival over the course of the last four weeks.

There were three legs, spread over three weeks with each performance being done at a different school, so a major obstacle for the actors was adjusting to the different types of stage and positioning.

For the lighting and sound team it was an even trickier challenge as they had an hour each time to learn a new sound and lighting system. And there were systems ranging from R200 000-plus wireless setups to one that consisted of only a handful of lights.

Throughout the festival, Jeppe’s cast was nominated for various awards including: David Newton for best actor, Rogerio Domingues for best supporting actor, Ryan Naamdhew for best director and best original script and Bayanda Jwara for best cameo appearance.

It all culminated in a finale at the UNISA theatre last week Wednesday. Although Jeppe’s play did not place in the top three, David Newton walked off with the best supporting actor award and Ryan Naamdhew got the award for the best original script.

The dramatic society has pushed boundaries with what they have done this year and they are hoping it has opened the minds of others in the school to what the dramatic arts can do.