Jordan argues his way to success

Jordan Moorcroft came 13th in the junior category, and 2nd among the grade 8s at the SACCEE Debating Gauteng Championships during the holidays.

He was part of the Jeppe team that progressed through the six rounds of debating over two days. The team was eventually eliminated in their seventh debate, the quarterfinals, but the individual speakers were also judged and Jordan came out with an average of 67% for his seven arguments.

“It has actually come as a surprise to me,” Jordan said. “I don’t think I did anything special and I certainly wasn’t any better than they other guys in the team.”

He is thrilled, however, and said the achievement has increased his love for debating. “I started after the year had begun when a friend encouraged me to go with him and I found it was something I enjoy doing.”

Jordan also plays basketball, to keep active and be part of a team sport, but debating has become his focus and it’s what he sees himself doing in the years to come. “We have a break now to concentrate on the exams, but I’m looking forward to starting up again in the new year.”

He is a boarder in Droste House and is enjoying hostel life. When asked what it was about it he enjoyed he had an interesting answer. “You learn to when is the right time to get involved and when to mind your own business,” he said. “I have come to know when to pay attention to what people say and when to ignore them.”

Clever answers, just what you’d expect from a smooth-talking debater.