Jordan can’t wait to get back with his mates

Jordan Joubert loves rugby. He played the game at Primary school and he has been looking forward to playing a Jeppe for as long as he can remember.

He’s in grade 8, however, and after practices and trials and just before the under-14s were about to make their debut for the school, the schools were closed and the lockdown began.

“It was a great disappointment,” he says. “I was really looking forward to playing in the black and white and now I’m going have to wait a little longer.” He’s keeping fit, however. “Mr Archer, the under-14 rugby strength and conditioning coach has sent us all programmes to carry on with at home and he is monitoring us. I’m taking it seriously and I’ll be ready when we get back to school.”

Rugby fitness is not the only thing Jordan is taking seriously. He was number 6 on the grade 8 top 10 academics list that was announced at the online assembly earlier this week and schoolwork is also very important to him.

“I was among the top achievers in my class throughout primary school and that’s something I want to keep going at high school,” he said. “I worked very hard to get the marks that I did and I’m pleased that it has paid off. My goal is to stay in the top 10 and to eventually get a good matric with lots of distinctions. I look at the notice boards at school with the names of the top academics through the years on them and I think how awesome it would be to have my name up there one day.”

Jordan is a hostel boy, so being at home for an extended period has been quite nice, he says. “It’s nice to be with my parents and to eat home cooking, but I’m really beginning to miss the hostel,” he says.

“There’s a vibe there that you don’t really appreciate until it’s gone. We sing together and mess around all the time. Everyone gives you a hard time, but everyone has also got your back. You are close to the sportfields and there is always someone to play a game with, it’s a great place to be.”

Jordan is keeping in touch with his friends via video calls and What’s App and he is quite enjoying the distance learning programme.

“I get up at the normal time each day and although I don’t go so far as to put on my uniform, I do try to keep to the daily school routine. We are keeping going and I think I’m learning a lot of important things during this period.

“I can’t wait to go back to school and spend the days with my mates, though.”