Liam will be taking care of the little things


Jeppe has had a good year. The 1st teams have all done well, we have had SA Schools rowers, the pipe band has excelled and the cultural activities are all on track. We are thriving at the big things, it’s time now to look at the little ones.

That’s the word from the 2019 head boy of the school, Liam Stott, who aims to use his year in charge to make sure what he calls the little things are taken care of.

“It’s great that we are doing well at the big things and the prominent boys at the school are happy and excelling,” he said. “I think we need to be focussing on the others. The boys who are not in the limelight are as important to the school. I want them to be happy here, I want all of them to be excited about coming to school every day. We need to focus on mass participation, and every one of them must be an enthusiastic supporter of the 1st team, because he wants to be.”

So, his focus will be on the little things. Manners, discipline, good relationships, school spirit, pride and generally creating a happy school. Then, he believes the big things will also be done well.

“There is a head boy every year,” he said. “I want to be remembered for a long time by the boys who were at the school during my year. I want them, one day, to look back on 2019 as the highlight of their time at Jeppe and to see me as the best head boy that they had during their school years.”

Liam Stott is a Renaissance man. He is the top academic in his grade. He plays 1st team rugby for the school and water polo for South Africa, and he won an acting award in the interhouse plays. He oozes leadership and has a clear vision for his year in office. We are extremely fortunate to have him in charge of the boys at Jeppe.