Liam’s an all-round star



Liam Stott is an all-rounder.

No question about that. He was one of the stars of last year’s Jeppe under-16A rugby team, and was selected for the Golden Lions Grant Khomo Week team; he is a very good breastroke swimmer, who regularly wins his races in inter-school galas; and last week he was named in the SA under-17 national water polo team that will be playing in the EU Nations Cup Tournament in Prague next month.

He is faced with the dilemma that all-rounders have these days: which sport will he focus on and has decided, for the time being, to carry on with all of them.

“The water polo people say I should give up rugby, and I realise that if I want to make the Jeppe 1st team this year I should be going to the pre-season training sessions,” he said. “I’ve long ago stopped going to my professional swimming coach and only train with the school team now.”

But he is not ready to choose yet. “I love both rugby and water polo. Obviously the SA team tour takes precedence now and I am not going to the rugby practices, but when we get back I will be giving it a full go, hoping to get a chance in the 1st team later in the season.

He has been in all the provincial water polo teams since primary school, and will be hoping to make the team for the SA Schools champs at the end of the year. And there may well be a Craven Week cap for him somewhere in the future.

In the meantime, he says, he is playing because he enjoys it and will see where he goes in the various sports.

A refreshingly balanced attitude from an impressive young man.