Luke can’t wait to play on our upgraded squash courts

The Jeppe squash courts have undergone a major refurbishment, thanks to a generous donation from old boy, Gavin Lubbe. We asked Luke Goddard, one of our brightest rising squash stars, for his opinion on the development and he told us he is delighted.

Luke is currently ranked 3rd in the country in his age group and he has played all around South Africa. “I’ve played on a lot of courts, including at most of the top schools, and our courts are now right up there with the best ones I’ve seen,” he said.

“We aren’t allowed to play games yet, but I’ve hit a few balls there and the new courts are definitely going to make a difference. Practicing on a good surface, with good walls and glass backs, is essential if you want to improve and we have those now.”

Luke hasn’t been able to play since the lockdown began. His last outing was at the Gauteng open tournament in February. “It’s been frustrating, but it looks like we will be able to start up again soon and I’m looking forward to getting down to it on the new courts. I’m in grade 11, so I have next year still. I predict a bright future for Jeppe squash.”

Jeppe’s director of sport, Mr Brendan Gittins, said the school is very grateful for Mr Lubbe’s generosity. “Our courts were ageing and badly in need of an upgrade. This donation allowed us to make some high quality changes,” he said. “All the sporting codes are important to us and we were thrilled to do this for the squash boys. They are dedicated and work very hard. These developments will hopefully allow the sport to rise to a higher level.”