Luke’s our new wildlife captain

Luke Goddard has been named the Captain of the Jeppe Wildlife Society for 2020.He has been a member of the society since he was in grade 8 and interested in wildlife, particularly birds since he was about 13. “I was taken to the Kruger Park by my dad and an uncle and was hooked,” he said. “We try to go to the Kruger most years, and travel all over the place on birding trips.”

The Jeppe Wildlife Society consists of about 20 boys, under the guidance of Mr Matteucci and Mr McClean who meet to talk about birds and animals and go on as many trips and excursions as they can. “It’s been a difficult year and we never go out as much as we wanted to,” Luke said, “although Mr Mattuecci did send us the links to go on virtual safaris during the hard lockdown, which was something at least.”

Luke’s role is to communicate with the teachers and pass messages on along to the boys. “Mr Matteucci has managed to get some sponsorship for next year and, hopefully, we will be going to some exciting places,” Luke said.

“I am a birder, although I like all sorts of wildlife. I’ve been studying ornithology and spend most of my spare time looking for birds. Mr Matteucci loves animals and he is very knowledgeable. He is a Sanparks Honorary Ranger.”

What Luke loves about being part of the club is that it is made up of very different people who share a common love for wildlife. “I’m a squash player who is nuts about birds, we have a top rugby player who is into insects, and a wide range of boys who just love getting out into nature and looking at animals,” he said.

“We are a diverse group, but we all get on well together, I am looking forward to next year when we can get out into the bush again,” Luke concluded.