MacBeth’s journey begins next week



The cast and crew of Jeppe’s major dramatic production for 2018 – Macbeth: A Journey – are busy winding up rehearsals and technical preparations and are set to give those who attend the performances a unique and remarkable experience.

The production gets going – there’s no “curtain up” or “taking the stage” in this instance – on Monday April 23rd and it runs for three days.

The play is, as the name suggests, an adaptation of the classic Shakespeare tragedy, with an exciting and innovative twist.

Ms Bronwyn Kemp, mistress in charge of drama at the school explains that the cast, crew and teachers were all involved in the adaptation, via a process of workshopping and they came up with what they have termed “a journey”.

“The journey refers to the process we underwent in arriving at the final concept, but also the production itself, which takes the form of a walk around our beautiful campus,” she said.

“We decided to use the settings provided in and around our historic buildings to stage the various scenes and the audience will literally be on a journey, moving from place to pace, following the action.”

Without giving away too much, there will be scenes staged at the War Memorial, in the Hofmeyr Quad and in the Payne Hall, among other places.

Although the words of Shakespeare are largely retained there have been some changes, and the introduction of other languages, mostly at the suggestions of the cast themselves.

There are four girls from Jeppe Girls in the cast and 15 from the boys school, and a technical crew of five, along with Ms Kemp and Ms Elzaan Diedtrich as directors.

“When we embarked on this journey the boys said they wanted to be challenged this year and I think we have done that,” Ms Kemp said. “The result is an ensemble effort that I am sure the audience will enjoy.”

There are still tickets available, but because of limited space at some of the venues that will be used, the audience will be limited to 80 each night. Tickets can be bought at the finance office.