Mountain bike track opening on Sunday

The Jeppe High School for Boys mountain bike track will be officially opened on Sunday by the headmaster on a day in which parents, old boys, teachers and the school’s riding team will be competing in various events, some serious and some just for fun.

A three kilometre track has been laid out on the property, starting and ending on the top fields, and winding its way around the campus taking in the hostels, the bottom fields and the astroturf, including a very technical section over the koppie above the swimming pool complex.

Mr Fabio Matteucci, the master in charge of mountain biking at the school, explains that there will be a full-on, serious three lap race to conclude the festivities that will involve the school team and the serious riders among the old boys, preceded by a number of fun events.

“The official opening will be made by Mr Jackson at 9am and it will be followed by a 100m dash across the top field for the not so serious riders,” he said. “Mr Jackson has indicated that he will be riding in that one.”

Then, at 9.30am, there will a relay race involving teams of four with each rider doing one lap each.

“The main race will be off at 10.45am and it will be a challenge between the boys, the old boys and the parents. There will be a shield on offer, and the plan is to make this an annual event,” Mr Matteucci said.

At the end of the proceedings there will boerewors rolls for the boys and drinks and snacks for the adults at Centenary House.