Mountain biking officially on the programme

The sport of mountain biking became an official extra-curricular activity at Jeppe this year and colour awards were made for the first time, with Aaron Heyneke becoming the first boy to be awarded full colours.

The school’s mountain bike track was also opened this year, so the sport is now really established.

“I was a bit surprised when the awards were made,” Aaron said. “I didn’t know it was going to happen, but I was really thrilled and I am looking forward to getting my white blazer and wearing it to school,” he said. “I think the awards will serve as an encouragement to the juniors to work hard at the sport, and it will attract boys who are interested in mountain bikes to the school.”

Aaron has wound down his training now and is concentrating on the upcoming exams, but he is looking forward to the new year. “I had to ride with the under-18s at provincial and national level this year even though I am under-17,” he said. “Next year I will be with boys my own age group so hopefully I will do much better as there will be qualifiers for the World Championships as well.”

Then there is the school season to look forward to which takes place in the third term.

The mountain biking colour awards went to: Scrolls – Connor Coaklin, Aaron Horn, Justin Marshall, Bradley Moore. Half colours – Kian Victor. Full colours – Aaron Heyneke.