Mr Gittins promoted to deputy principal

Mr Brendan Gittins will become deputy principal of the school at the beginning of 2020 and he couldn’t be more proud, or more excited, about it.

“As an old boy, and having been working here as a teacher over the last few years, Jeppe has become very close to my heart and I am looking forward to playing a greater role in the management of this great institution,” he said.

Mr Gittins wouldn’t describe himself as a traditionalist – of course some things have to keep changing, he said – but he wants the legacy of the school to remain intact. “Our excellence is tied to the legacy that has been built over the years and I see it as my responsibility to ensure that there is continuity,” he said. “I think that is very important as we go forward into an increasingly complex future in South Africa.”

His new role has not been finalised yet, but he will be keeping the sports portfolio “There are things I have started that I want to finish and my aim remains to have Jeppe sport in a good place in the future,” he said.

It’s clear that Jeppe’s values and traditions are in safe hands with Mr Gittins in senior management and that he will be adding to them in the years to come.