New record for big Junior



Edward White is a pretty sizable young man, so you have to wonder why he is known as Junior around the school. Well, he tells us, that’s because his father and grandfather are both Edward White, so he was dubbed Junior to differentiate between them, and the name stuck.

And it’s a name that will go into the school’s athletics record book now after he broke the record for under-17 discus in Saturday’s meeting against Pretoria and Parktown.

The amazing thing is that Junior has only been throwing the discus for two years.

“I used to throw, standing still, in the interhouse competition until, last year one of the coaches spotted how far I could throw and realised I had potential, if I could learn the proper technique,” he said.

So, he was taught how to spin while throwing and as he mastered the technique he was going further and further, culminating in last Saturday’s record-breaking feat.

Junior hails from Polokwane and is at Jeppe on a rugby scholarship. He was in the first rugby team as a lock this year and he confesses that rugby is his first love.

“It was quite a step up from under-16 to 1st team, but I think those of us who were in the team for the first time settled down well by the end of the season,” he said.

“We have committed ourselves to work very hard ahead of next season and we have plans in place, I expect us to do much better next year.”

In the meantime, he is enjoying athletics. “It’s been great improving on my best steadily and I’m hoping to continue improving for the interhigh that’s coming up.”