No let up in training for Aidan and the cross country boys

The interschool cross country programme is on hold for the moment because of the third wave of Covid-19 infections, but that’s not stopping the Jeppe team from training.

That’s the word from the 2021 team captain, Aidan Parsons, who told us that he loves running – he is generally out on the road six days a week – and so do the other guys on the team.“

Cross country is one activity that has kept going throughout the pandemic, which has suited me,” he said. “We have been training throughout, and we will keep on going now, eagerly waiting for when the season gets back on track.”

Hockey was Aidan’s main sport at the school, although he has always loved running, but when the team sports were shut down he threw himself into cross country. “I worked really hard during the pre-season training, and participated in the various discussions that we had and I think that is why I was made the captain,” he said.

He is enjoying the role and enjoys travelling to and competing at the various venues. “We run at some very picturesque places and it has been fun travelling there as a team. I’ve met new people at the school and have made some good friends, which is what it’s all about.”

The Jeppe team shows a lot of potential this year and there are some very promising juniors in the ranks, Aidan said. “There is good team spirit among the boys, we encourage each other and motivate each other to work hard. Our coach, Mr McCann believes in quality rather that quantity in training and we spend a lot of time on speed work and hill training.”

It will all pay off, no doubt, when the racing starts up again.