Online gamers are legendary

From left: James Bartlett, Connor Brinkman, Warwick Waite, Deecan Frost,  Cameron Correia De Araujo. In front: Ms Steph Craig.

A team of Jeppe gamers played in the Mindsports South Africa online tournament last weekend, participating in the League of Legends competition.

League of Legends is a complex game that tests strategic thinking and lightning reflexes and it presents a stern mental challenge.

Ms Steph Craig, the teacher who runs the programme at Jeppe, explains that the Jeppe team competes in three online games: League of Champions, Dota and Counterstrike. “They are all quite different, but all require advanced IT skills, team work, and some pretty high level thinking. I believe participation in them is a great educational exercise for the boys involved,” she says. “It teaches them to be both clever and quick, which are valuable life skills.”

Next weekend Jeppe will be hosting the Gauteng Gaming Championships, an event where the teams actually all compete against each other while in the same room. School and club teams will be participating.

“We will be entering the League of Legends section again,” Ms Craig said. “Our team of five takes on a persona in the game that best matches their own personalities. It has taken years of practice for them to have become as good as they are at it.”