Seven distinctions for Shaur Batohi


Shaur Batohi is one of Jeppe’s shining lights. His seven distinctions in the 2018 matric exams contributed to the school recording its highest ever number of A symbols in the finals – 193 – and he is proof that Jeppe produces top academics alongside its top sportsmen.

Shaur was disappointed not to get a full house of eight distinctions, he narrowly missed out in English, his other subject, but he has applied for a re-mark, so you never know.

“It has been my aim to get seven all along,” he said. “I was never sure about English, so it has gone according to plan.”

And that plan has involved focusing entirely on his schoolwork in grades 11 and 12 – he played hockey in his junior years, and was in the school chess team. “Those activities were too time-consuming, and I tried to put in between two and three hours per day at my books,” he said.

The one thing he never gave up on, however, was music. Along with his eight subjects at school he also studied the piano. “I carried on with music studies, and I intend keeping that going when I go to university.

University, for him is medicine at Wits. “I received notification of my acceptance on the day the results came out, so the immediate future is mapped out for me.” He said.

Looking back, he says he is glad he decided to come to Jeppe. “I had options to go to private schools, but my parents wanted me to be here. I’m not sorry, I met and mixed with people of all types and experienced the spirit of a school like this.

“It was great seeing my mates again on results day, I’m sure we’ll meet again in the years to come.”