Shaur shines in Maths competition


If anyone tries to tell you that Jeppe High School for Boys is about sport and nothing else, get them to talk to Shaur Batohi.

He is in grade 12 and is a fully committed Jeppe boy with a busy extra-curricular programme, none of which involves sport. Among other things, he has been attending a match enrichment programme at Wits University this year and, he says, he is one of a number of Jeppe learners who go there. “It’s about applying creative thinking to mathematics, and justifying the methods you use to find solutions, and the number of Jeppe boys who attend shows that many of us have interests outside of sport,” he said.

And Shaur recently entered a competition run by Wits, based on that programme and he’s been named in the top 10 – the final positions will be announced at a function next week. “The competition follows the same format as the national Maths Olympiad, but is restricted to school in Gauteng. Looking at the list of achievers, shows that there are learners from all of the top schools around here that entered. It’s good company for me to be in.”

And Shaur did enter the Maths Olympiad as well. He wrote the second round exam last week and is waiting for the results.

Mathematics, AP Maths and Physics are his favourite subjects at school, although this year his second best marks have been in Geography. He has been getting As in all of those and is pretty confident of a full house at the end of the year.

Shaur Batohi is an academic, no question, but he finds time to do other things. He is a member of the school’s chess team that has been doing very well in league competitions recently and is a member of the Music Society. He is an accomplished pianist who has ABRSM qualifications and is studying the instrument further.

He loves it at the school. “It’s a special place, the culture, sport and traditions are part of that, but what’s really special are the people,” he said. “There is just such a diversity of backgrounds among the boys. I doubt that you will be able to experience that in any other environment. My friends are a diverse group, but we get on very well. That goes for the whole school.”

A super bright young man with a glistening future, and a firm grip on what it means to be a Jeppe boy.