Soccer’s a main stream game at Jeppe

When Jeppe and KES meet on the soccer fields on Saturday we will be fielding 16 teams – the most ever – indicating that football has become a main stream activity at the school. The under-14A team will be playing in a festival at Parktown.

There were 16 games scheduled last week against Pretoria Boys’ High last week, but one of them was cancelled.

The sports director Mr Brendan Gittins explains that the policy is that no team will represent the school, in any activity unless it is properly organised, has a coach and practices regularly.

“We have four soccer teams per age group and the As, Bs and Cs play just about every week,” he said. “The problem is that few other schools can match us for the number of teams we field. So the D teams, and the 4ths, only have four games. Under those circumstances it doesn’t make sense to appoint coaches for them and they train together with the C teams. Other than that, every team has a coach.”

It’s been a good year for Jeppe soccer. The first team is still unbeaten and they have three tournament titles under their belts: Waterstone, Saints Sports Festival and St David’s. They have six more interschool matches after Saturday and end the season with the prestigious Grey College Tournament in Bloemfontein at the end of September.