Tennis on the up at Jeppe

Michael Esterhuizen is Jeppe’s 1st team tennis captain for next season and he is excited at the prospect of leading the revival of the sport at the school.

“Tennis as a sport has had a long history at the school, but it has taken a bit of a back seat in recent years,” he said. “That’s all changing now. We are taking it a lot more seriously and the school is giving us every opportunity to improve and become a good tennis team.”

The 1st team was entered into one of the lower leagues, and it looks like they have a good chance of winning the league and gaining promotion when the season ends during the first term next year.

“We have some very exciting young players in the team, who are busy gaining in experience and who should become good players in the future,” Michael said. “One or two of them play club tennis, which is good for their development.”

The tennis section is very well organised now that Mr Bryan Hillock has taken over. “He is an excellent master in charge,” Michael said. “Practices are structured and our participation in games is well planned. He has also brought in expert coaches at times to help us.”

There are some very talented tennis payers at the school who prefer to play other sports. “They play the major team games like cricket and basketball and unfortunately you can’t do both,” Michael said.

Nevertheless, the tennis club is growing in numbers and the boys are enjoying themselves. “There is a special friendship that develops when you spend as much time together as we do and we all get on together very well.”
At the same time, there is a steady improvement in their standard of play, which bodes well for the school in the future.