Tsessebe names dining room after Mr Wallendorf

Tsessebe names dining room after Mr Wallendorf



It’s become a tradition at Jeppe High School for Boys to name something after members of the community who have provided outstanding service to the school over a number of years.

No-one is more deserving of that honour than Dudley Wallendorf who retired as a teacher at the end of last year but who, happily, is still at the school teaching matric accounting in a SGB post.

He has been at Jeppe since 1990 and was senior housemaster at Tsessebe for all that time. He taught accounting and business economics, producing excellent results in the matric exams.

So, when it came to naming a landmark in his honour, it was a no-brainer that it should be something to do with Tsessebe house. The current senior housemaster, Dave Hansen’s, suggestion that the hostel’s dining room be called the Dudley Wallendorf Dining Room from now on was enthusiastically agreed to.

There was a small ceremony in the hostel last week, attended by Mr Wallendorf where the appropriate plaque and picture were unveiled.

Asked what he thought of all this, Mr Wallendorf, while obviously thrilled to be honoured in this way, reacted in a way that the scores of old boys who went through his care at Tsessebe would recognise as typical.

“It’s nice to be recognised, he said, but I found listening to so many people saying nice things about me a bit embarrassing,” he said.

And when it came to the placing of the photograph of him, he was his usual irascible self. “They put it in the spot where the Interhouse Athletics shield has hung for so many years,” he said. “The old boys aren’t going to like that. When we win the shield back again they will have to move it.”

The Dudley Wallendorf Dining Room is a fitting honour for a great man and a Jeppe legend.