Two titles for Aaron on the bike


Aaron Heyneke’s dream ride continued last weekend when he won both titles at the Mountain Bike finals .

On Saturday he became the South African Schools under-15 champion when, riding for the school, he won the Youth under-15 race at the Spur MTB SA School championships.

He went one better the next day when, representing Gauteng province he won the Africa Youth under-15 title at the 2017 Africa championships.

“There were over 200 riders competing on Sunday, including some from Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. We were narrowed down to 70 for the main race and I managed to win it,” he said.

That’s the end of the season for Aaron, but he won’t be putting his bike away. “I’ll take a short break, but I’ll be riding every day, he said. “It won’t be like in full training when we do 500km in a two week cycle, but I’ll ride 30 to 45km a day. And I’ll get involved in another sport to give my mind a bit of a break as well.”

Aaron said the attention he’s been getting at the school following his achievements has been important for the sport.

“It’s not about me really, it’s been great that Jeppe is becoming known as an MTB school and that the boys who come here can see that the sport is offered as an option here, and that we take it seriously,” he said.

He has definitely put Jeppe on the map, however, and everyone at the school is very proud of him.