Westville fixture a massive success





Over 600 boys from Westville Boys’ High School competed against Jeppe in a variety of activities last weekend and, of them, 480 were hosted on Friday night by Jeppe families.

That means that just about every Jeppe boy was involved on the day, as was most of the staff and scores of parents, as the Jeppe community pulled out all stops to make our visitors from Durban feel welcome.

Apart from the 21 rugby and 16 hockey games played, there were inter-school competitions in squash, tennis, chess, cross country, and e-gaming as well.

It was a great day, characterised by good sportsmanship and plenty of school spirit, from both schools. The smiles and the appreciation shown by the Westville boys and staff made the effort well worthwhile.

As far as the results were concerned, honours were pretty even across the various activities.

The two “main” sporting games – 1st team hockey and rugby – were won by Jeppe and the results across the board in the two activities involving most boys were just about 50-50. Jeppe won seven and lost six hockey games, with three draws, while Westville won 11 and Jeppe won 10 of the 21 rugby games.

The cross country was won by Westville, with Hopewell Nkosi coming in first in the senior race, Westville won the e-gaming, and Jeppe won the chess.

The tennis and squash were both won by Westville.

Master in charge of sport, Mr Brendan Gittins, described it as a good day for Jeppe. “Westville have significantly more boys than we do and yet our teams were all very competitive. I was especially impressed with our lower sides in the rugby age groups who won games that, in the three years since we have been playing Westville we have usually lost quite heavily,” he said.

“In all, we have closed the gap between the schools and to win half the rugby games, including the 1st team, is a big achievement.”

Rugby takes a break for the long weekend, with only the first and under-16A teams in action at the Grey High festival in Port Elizabeth. The firsts play Dale on Saturday and Selborne on Monday, while the under-16As face Brandwag on Saturday and Selborne on Monday.

Hockey Results

1st team Jeppe 2 Westville 1

2nd team Jeppe 2 Westville 1

3rd team Jeppe 4 Westville 2

4th team Jeppe 3 Westville 1

5th team Westville 2 Jeppe 1

U-16A Jeppe 5 Westville 0

U-16B Jeppe 1 Westville 0

U-16C Jeppe 1 Westville 1

U-16D Jeppe 1 Westville 1

U-16E Jeppe 2 Westville 1

U-16F Jeppe 1 Westville 1

U-14A Westville 2 Jeppe 1

U-14B Westville 10 Jeppe 0

U-14C Westville 5 Jeppe

U-14D Westville 9 Jeppe 0

U-14E Westville 3 Jeppe 2


Rugby Results

1st team Jeppe 59 Westville 32

2nd team Jeppe 48 Westville 17

3rd team Jeppe 32 Westville 3

4th team Jeppe 15 Westville 7

5th team Jeppe 17 Westville 5

6th team Westville 19 Jeppe 10

U-16A Westville 18 Jeppe 12

U-16B Westville 22 Jeppe 10

U-16C Westville 17 Jeppe 14

U-16D Jeppe 13 Westville 7

U-16E Jeppe 12 Westville 6

U15A Westville 15 Jeppe 10

U-15B Westville 20 Jeppe 7

U-15C Jeppe 12 Westville 10

U-15D Jeppe 12 Westville 7

U-15E Westville 30 Jeppe 0

U-14A Jeppe 17 Westville 5

U-14B Westville 49 Jeppe 5

U-14C Westville 29 Jeppe 14

U-14D Westville 22 Jeppe 0

U-14E  Westville 25  Jeppe 5