Wildlife Club in a big book handover

The Jeppe Wildlife Club spent the weekend at the Golden Gate National Park where they handed over a trailer-full of books and magazines focussing on the environment, wildlife and conservation to the newly established Environmental Education Centre.

The centre was established by SANParks to serve the community in Qwa Qwa around the park and they asked for donations to equip it. The Jeppe Wildlife Club visits Golden Gate frequently and they responded to the call. Mr Matteucci put the word out and within days they had collected 500 books. That number grew and they eventually filled up one of Jeppe’s trailers with books and magazines and Mr Matteucci, Mr Horne and eight members of the club drove down to hand them over.

“Ms Mofokeng, the head of the centre was speechless,” Mr Matteucci said. “She was not expecting anything like the number of publications we brought. She assured us that they will be put to good use.”

The boys had a braai and spent the night at the Youth Centre and then next day they went on a hike in the park. They went up Echo Ravine and climbed Brandwag Buttress, before leaving for home, with a stopover in Clarens on the way. “It was a fantastic weekend out in the fresh air and it was great that we were able to make a contribution towards this worthy cause,” Mr Matteucci said.